OSE's International Training Center

The Hellenic Railways Organization possesses and manages one of the best Railway Specialties Training Centers in Europe, with lots of potential for expanding the training offered, in terms of both its logistics and facilities.

The Center started to operate in 1991 and is hosted in a modern building complex in the Rouf area.

The Organizations’ targets for the Academy are as follows:
  • Complete and excellent training in all railway specialties, adjusted to the demands of the modern era
  • Integrating additional specialties in the Organization’s training program, based on modern international requirements and practices, as well as the needs of the Greek railway area
  • Partnerships and Joint Ventures with the Higher Education Institutes (AEI) in Greece
  • Cooperation and interaction with all Railway Bodies
  • Organizing training and information events
  • The Railway Academy aims at becoming again the generator of knowhow and the new generations of railway professionals.

The training program

The Academy’s main specialties are as follows:

Engine Driver, Train Guard, Station Master, Attendant, Technician, as well as other auxiliary specialties (in construction, security, etc.) which relate to the network electrification. Especially in the Technicians’ category, there are various sub-specialties related to trains and depots.

The training is conducted by experienced and certified executives of OSE, RAS (Regulatory Authority for Railways) or Railway Companies, as imposed by international custom.

The training syllabus is divided in two sections, licensing and certification.