OSE Identity

The Hellenic Railways Organization is the Rail Infrastructure Manager in the Greek territory. It manages, maintains, operates, modernizes and expands a railway network extending over 2,200 km all over the country.

The Organization’s operation aims at two main targets:

  • Optimizing all types of passenger railway services in order to benefit the passenger public and make the Railway the citizen’s top mode of transport
  • Developing freight connections in order to reinforce the Greek economy by improving the transit load and trans-European transport

Its main action lines foresee:

  • Modernizing railway infrastructure and building facilities
  • Expanding the active network and mainly the interconnection with neighbouring countries, as well as the Greek ports and VIPE (Industrial Areas), in order to enhance freight transport
  • Smooth cooperation with railway companies in order to serve the railway transports’ safety, consistency, speed and comfort
  • Improving the railway market’s operation in order to serve competition and attract investors
  • Further utilization of the railways’ property in order to increase the Organization’s income and reduce its dependence on State aid
  • Developing modern digital structures and actions in order to modernize infrastructures and limit expenses
  • Railway transport interoperability with the European railways, in order to enhance cross-border connections as part of the Single European Transport Area.