International Partnerships / Memberships

OSE is a member of almost all major international bodies responsible for defining the future or railways, such as:


Rail Freight Corridor Orient/East-Med (RFC7)


The Rail Freight Corridor Orient / East-Med (RFC/ΟEM) connects ports from the North and Baltic Seas to Central Europe with the eastern and south-eastern parts of Europe extending until the port of Piraeus and also the Black Sea. Among the various RFCs, RFC OEM includes the most member states in this form of international partnership, specifically: Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovak Republic, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Greece.

Based on the 2011 and 2018 Memorandum of Mutual Understanding, OSE participates -through its representatives- in the Board of Directors 4 times a year, as well as in work groups.


Rail Net Europe (RNE)


It comprises Rail Infrastructure Managers and Capacity Distribution Bodies in Europe, based on the European institutional framework in the railway transport sector.

It currently includes 36 full members from 25 countries and 11 associated members (namely the Rail Freight Corridors).
OSE S.A. is a full member of RNE as of 01.01.2019.




Platform of Rail Infrastructure Managers in Europe.

It was established in Tallinn in 2013, and in 2017 it undertook the role of the «European Network of Infrastructure Managers».

The Platform comprises the main Infrastructure Managers from the member states and the European Commission, which supports the Network’s work and facilitates coordination.

It currently has 40 members, 5 observers, 6 subgroups, 2 cooperation platforms and ad hoc work groups.

OSE S.A. Became a member of PRIME on 12.2017.


Community of European Railways (CER)


A body representing Infrastructure Managers and Railway Companies in EU’s decision-making policy, which was established in 1988 in Brussels.

Its management structure involves three main entities (CER Management Committee, CER General Assembly, CER Assistants Group) and work groups.

OSE, as an Infrastructure Manager, is a full member of CER, continuing the membership of the former uniform OSE.


International Union of Railways (UIC)


The oldest (since 1922) International Union of Railways, having as a main objective to harmonize and improve the terms applying to railway projects and operations.

The standardisation was the central core of UIC’s activity during its 100-year activity and was one of the main reasons for its establishment. In this sector, it also cooperates closely with other standardisation bodies in railway activity, such as CEN, CENELEC, ISO, IEC and ETSI.

OSE, as an Infrastructure Manager, is a full member of UIC, continuing the membership of the former uniform OSE.