OSE SA processes train timetables and is responsible for the coordination and safe movement of trains. This is achieved through the application of traffic regulations by skilled personnel, who also use modern traffic management systems, such as traffic control centers, signal light systems, telecommunications, etc.

The approximately 300 station masters across the network daily manage the safe passage of 500 trains and settle unexpected traffic disruptions.
The Traffic Division configures timetables as requested by the railway companies operating on the OSE SA network and supervises the strict enforcement of traffic regulations.

The Greek railway network is part of the European railway network and, with the continuous infrastructure upgrading and the introduction of technologically advanced systems, improves its ability to serve more trains. The existence of worksites throughout the network adds to the complexity of conducting traffic without affecting the safety of train service.

Safety is the foremost characteristic of railway transportation and is secured by adhering to the rules, most of which are common throughout Europe and the result of technological developments and many years of experience.